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 Today's going to be different

Do you know the feeling when you decided to bake some cookies and get excited how diligent you are? But at the end, you found yourself full of dough, and regret the moment you thought today will be different.


make dough chocolate cookie


Ok, I have to admit, I don't know how to decorate cakes at all. Even baking- I don't usually have much time to bake. But I love eating cakes and cookies, that's for sure. 

I won't forget once, on Friday, my husband and I was supposed to go to my friend's house for dinner. We decided to make them some cookies. I found a recipe on the internet, and I started to make a dough.


make dough chocolate cookie

 Making easy cookies

We had just an hour and a half to make the cookies, clean the house, have a shower and arrive at my friend's house. She lives two minutes from us and I was sure that we could make it. Silly me!

I melted butter and added eggs, flour, and sugar. Well, my hands were full of the dough so I couldn’t break the eggs. Each time I called my husband.

make dough chocolate cookie

Chop the chocolate

My husband tried to break the chocolate into small pieces, but it was hard, so he put the chocolate in the microwave. The problem has he put the chocolate in for too long, so it melted completely. It's pretty hard to break liquid, so we put it in the freezer.

Meanwhile, my daughter (then a few months old) woke up and started crying so I had to pick her up.
If someone would have walked inside at that moment, he probably would have thought that he had entered a war zone...

make dough chocolate cookie

I think you got the picture. Everything was a mess, I held my daughter with hands full of dough, my husband broke the chocolate with a hammer (?!?!?!) and there was flour everywhere.  

In the end, we didn't manage to do everything we planned, but we got to my friend's house full of chocolate stains, with delicious cookies. Don't ask me how!  

make dough chocolate cookie

If you're about to bake- do yourself a favor and put an apron on. I thought I don't need to use one, but apparently, I was wrong.

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